HAM Distance QRZ login issues

HAM DistanceIf the app HAM DistanceĀ has problems logging in to your QRZ.COM account, maybe the following points can help you further
– For connecting to QRZ you need a paid account fromĀ QRZ.COM. The lowest paid account (XML Logbook data) should already work.
– In some isolated instances we found that special characters (like % @ #) in passwords can make it difficult to log in to the app. Try changing your password to one without these special characters.
– If the QRZ.COM account still doesn’t work, it’s always possible to register for a FREE HamQTH account which also works with the app. You can register for such a free account at www.hamqth.com
– If none of these suggestions work you can always send us an email and we will try to help you further!
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