Pirate Match 3 Quest

Pirate 3 match quest iconDownload On The AppstoreHelp pirate Jim find the ancient pirate treasure!

Pirate Match 3 Quest is a free matching game, with a time limit. The goal is to match 3 pirate symbols in a row.

The pirate symbols link together in different directions. By dragging an item and dropping it on another one they switch places. If there are 3 items in a row they are removed from the board and you score points!

In every level you need to reach a certain number of points. You also need to match a certain number of symbols.

You need to finish 8 levels before Jim can reach the pirate treasure!

Pirate Match 3 Quest is an addictive race to find the matching pirate symbols and pass all levels.

  • iphone 3.5 inch-1
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